and .


21:35 DownloadLinks edited by gary
do not advertiste git - this may be enough to stop overuse (diff)
21:33 WikiStart edited by gary
remove announcement for Mexico workshop, more than one video in videos … (diff)


15:58 Ticket #393 (Blnd equivalents of 6lev lines in c13 are missing) created by peter
In c17 the 6lev lines were removed. We also made sure that enough levels …


16:00 Ticket #392 (Snu = constant for Lya pump of Lya is wrong) created by gary
The fix will be simple - need to remember source function and keep it …
15:56 Ticket #391 (do not use C as a comment character) created by gary
see the extensive discussion on both user groups, and Peter recommended …
15:53 Ticket #390 (table read scale only works for intensity case) created by gary
The scale option on TABLE READ was added within the last year but only …
15:49 Ticket #389 (we do not report Inwd component of emergent intensities) created by gary
the inward emergent is known to the code but is not reported
15:46 Ticket #342 (enable H2 Lique collisions by default AFTER branch) closed by gary
15:43 Ticket #310 (emergent line intensities are incorrect) closed by gary


18:26 KnownProblems_17 edited by gary
labels with more than four characters need double quotes (diff)


12:54 Changeset [11729] by fguzman
removed wrong comment
12:51 Changeset [11728] by fguzman
merged from trunk
12:43 Changeset [11727] by fguzman
extrapolation of opacity fittings to n>400


22:37 NewC17 edited by gary
Add SpeciesLabels?.txt listing labels for all species. (diff)
22:34 Changeset [11726] by gary
add compiled SpeciesLabels?.txt, updated Linelabels.txt
22:32 Changeset [11725] by gary
svn merge -r11723:11724 /trunk/docs/LineLabels.in
22:16 Changeset [11724] by gary
add list of species labels


18:08 Changeset [11723] by gary
average of gcc c9 / all double ubuntu


21:15 VideoPage edited by gary
links to Vital Fernandez's new videos (diff)
20:16 NewC17 edited by gary
Swift HX and SX bands added to continuum_bands.ini file. (diff)
17:33 Changeset [11722] by gary
svn merge -r11720:11721 /trunk
17:31 Changeset [11721] by gary
continuum_bands.ini: Add Swift SX and HX bands. Update magic number. …


15:25 Ticket #388 (incorrect comment for hydrogenic line labels) created by peter
Cloudy generates incorrect comments for hydrogenic line labels. If you …


18:34 Changeset [11720] by fguzman
updated bibliography
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