This includes newmole. We should try to push this through ASAP because newmole is more robust than the solvers in previous versions.

We want to move the code to a totally database oriented structure. We will meet in Belfast in July 2011 to discuss this with Francis Keenan.

The first two aspects are the lamda and chianti databases. we may develop our own database format to free ourselves of shortcomings in existing databases.

Move to exact RT in 3D. Ray tracing with GPU.

Milestone: command parser

4 years late (2014-01-01T06:00:00Z)

This new command parser will follow simple runs and be predictable without reading Hazy.

To do items for C17

Milestone: C17.01

Due in 5 weeks (2018-05-01T18:00:00Z)


Total number of tickets: 11 - closed: 5 - active: 6

Cap C add due date of 2018 May 1, we want to use c170.01 during the Thailand workshop

A place to put tickets that cannot be completed by c17.01 due date

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