Astro seminar Spring 2010

Thursdays 4-5PM in CP 179

Next talk - April 28

  1. Asensio Ramos

Compressed sensing for spectroscopy and polarimetry

Instituto de Astrofisica de Canarias

We demonstrate the feasibility of using compressive sensing techniques for the acquisition of spectroscopic and spectro-polarimetric data. This allows us to combine the measurement and the compression process into one consistent framework. Signals are recovered thanks to their compressibility, which will be analyzed in some detail. The results show that it is feasible to reconstruct the signals using only a small fraction of the information that is measured nowadays. This new paradigm allows us to define new instrumental strategies and to propose modifications to existing instruments in order to take advantage of compressive sensing techniques.

Astro seminar Spring 2011

Date Speaker Title
Jan 13 organizational meeting
Jan 20 Mike Shull The intergalactic medium
Jan 27 Wang Ye All about accretion disks
Feb 3 Leslie Hunt The Spitzer view of low-metallicity star formation
Feb 10 Kevin Schawinski (Astronomy D., Yale) The Co-Evolution of Galaxies and Black Holes
Feb 11 Kevin Schawinski (Astronomy D., Yale) Citizen Project, noon in CP 357
Feb 24 van Winter Memorial Lecture
Mar 3 Champika Weerasooriya Starbursts and H II Regions
Mar 10 Tom Troland Infrared Dark Clouds - Precursors to Star Formation
Mar 17 Spring break
Mar 24 Frank Heymann Graphical processing units (GPUs) in Astrophysics
Mar 31 Andy Robinson Probing gas flows around supermassive black holes with spectropolarimetry
Apr 7 Brian Yanny Sloan Digital Sky Survey Data Release 8
Apr 14 Richard O. Gray, Appalachian State The Barium Dwarfs: What do we Really know about these Peculiar Stars?
Apr 21 Britton Smith Numerical Searches for the Missing Baryons
Apr 28 A. Asensio Ramos Compressed sensing for spectroscopy and polarimetry

Astro seminar Fall 2010

Date Speaker Title
Sep 2 Organizational meeting
Sep 9 Moshe Elitzur On the origin of interstellar dust
Sep 16 Phillip Stancil A Recipe for the First Star
Sep 23 Ron Wilhelm Web-based Astronomy 19x
Sep 30 Michele Trenti Fingerprints of intermediate-mass black holes in globular clusters
Oct 7 Jun-Hwan Choi Star formation and its feedback in LCDM cosmology
Oct 14 Frank Heymann Observations and modeling of high redshift Radio Galaxies and Quasars
Oct 21 W. David Arnett (Arizona) People and Ideas: Experiences of an Astrophysicist from Kentucky (in CP 155)
Oct 28 Dick Lamb An overview of neutron star pulsars
Nov 4 Matt Lykins Iron Dust Grains in Orion's Veil
Nov 11 Kristen Thompson Measuring the mass-to-flux ratio in molecular clouds
Nov 18 Steve Ellis & Ron Wilhelm Using blackboard in Physics and Astronomy classes
Dec 2 Robert Nikutta A collection of practical obstacles
Dec 9 Andrew Hamilton (JILA) Black Holes Inside and Out

Astro seminar Spring 2010

Date Speaker Title
Feb 11 Emilio Eomano-Diaz The effects of baryons in Substructure in Numerical Simulations
Feb 18 Britton Smith The Nature of the First Metal-Enriched Stars in the Universe
Feb 25 Brian Kent From HI to Molecular Gas: Preparing for ALMA - NB starts at 4:30
Mar 4 Donghui Quan Chemical Modeling of Interstellar CHNO Isomers
Mar 11 Kentaro Nagamine Galaxy Formation with Cosmological Hydrodynamic Simulations - starts at 4:30
Mar 25 Robert Nikutta Bayesian Inference from AGN Torus Modeling
Apr 8 Ron Wilhelm Exploring the Sagittarius Tidal Streams with Red Clump Stars
Apr 15 Grant Thompson Determining the AGN viewing angle with CLUMPY
Apr 22 Volker Bromm The First Stars and Galaxies
Apr 29 Furea Kiuchi Measuring Magnetic Field Strengths in M16 - Modeling the Physical Conditions
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