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This page announces changes in the web site. This includes new versions of Cloudy or major changes such as new hot fixes.

Some important pages on this web site that change from time to time are the HotFixes, KnownProblems, and RevisionHistory pages.

The DownloadLinks page gives links to download the code.


Spring, we have finished the conversion of Hazy into LaTex. This move was a high priority because it allows all of the developers to update the documentation.

Summer, The development version of the code now supports MPI for the grid and optimize commands. This allows large grids of simulations to be run on distributed memory clusters with one model on each machine.


Aug 18 C08.00 is released.

July 12 Release candidate 2 of C08, the next major release, is posted. It has names starting with c08.00_rc2 in this ftp site and is in this ViewVC site.

Spring. Cloudy is now part of the Fedora Core Release. The wiki page of the special interest group on astronomy in fedora is here.

July 2 repost of C07.02.02 release. The first posted version included a script that skipped the first several dozen models in the test suite.

Spring. The Quick Start Guide is converted to LaTex. This is part of a major effort to move the documentation for Cloudy into an open source friendly format where many people can help.

May 12 Release candidate 1 of C08, the next major release, is posted. It is in this ViewVC site.

Apr 28 End of life bug-fix rollup posted for C07.02. It is in this ViewVC site. and has names starting with C07.02.02 in this ftp site

Feb 03 Add link to Christophe Morisset paper on Cloudy 3D synthetic profiles in this paper

Winter/Spring? The web site has been moved to a commercial provider, Webfaction. This allows us more direct control over the infrastructure of the web site.


July 19 typos in AGN3 are posted here.

July 07, C07.02.01 is posted. This is a bug-fix roll up of C07.02 and is the current stable version.

May 04, post release candidate 1 of C07.02.01. This includes a newly revised version of Hazy 3

Feb 28, post C07.02.00, the current stable version

Feb 29, post C06.02d, the final version of C06.02

Feb 01, post HotFixes to C06.02c


Nov 23, instructions for setting up the stellar continua for the next release of cloudy are posted. Peter van Hoof greatly expanded the number of continua that can be included.

Nov 10, HotFixes updated

Nov 6, bug fix roll up c of C06.02 is posted. This will be the last bug fix roll up for this version.

Aug 12, HotFixes updated

July 23, HotFixes updated

July 16, establish this web page

July 9, release C06.02b a bug fix roll-up for the current gold version of the code. This release includes the documentation as PDF files.

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