Notes on the 2011 meeting at Belfast

The four main developers will all be in Belfast for 1.5 days. We need to make the most of this time together.

We will all arrive Sunday July 17. Peter needs to leave around 13:00 Tuesday July 19.

Francis has reserved the Basement Seminar Room in Physics from 9am-5pm on Monday and from 9am to 3pm on Tuesday. We will meet initially in Francis' office.

External atomic data bases

Francis has a student, Meredith Grieve, who will work on this.

Goal from previous meeting: have an atomic physics API - hide all atomic / molecular details below an api

Chemistry databases UMIST 2010 coming out soon. There is also the kida database. An update to LAMDA is expected soon as well. This will include IR pumping transitions for molecules. It will be easy to swap databases once the chemistry is driven by external files.

There were extensive discussions about using HDF5 for the database.

The Queen's data are now going into the ADAS dateabase, much of which is available only by subscription. There is a subset, Open ADAS, which is publically available.



How shall we merge this back into the trunk? Peter brought in the temperature solver - would it be possible to bring it onto the trunk in stages, testing each, or is the Big Bang approach best?

cooling and chianti

Gary could talk about Matt's experiences using Chianti Fe data to calculate the cooling function.

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