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Set up skeleton of DataParser page

The data parser class


Cloudy has to read many data files. In the past, a custom parser would be developed whenever another data file was added. In practice this would often involve copying code from elsewhere and then modifying it to fit the current needs. Over the years this has lead to a large amount of copied code, leading to a maintenance nightmare. Moreover, the code was usually very verbose containing many repeated error checks. Despite this, the checks were usually not complete, meaning that errors could still slip through. Also, the many repeated error checks obfuscated the control flow in the parser, which could lead to other coding errors. To alleviate all these problems, we have created a new parser class specifically designed for data files called DataParser. It is essentially a tokenizer, allowing you to parse the data file line by line, and then each line token by token. It includes many basic checks that can be performed without understanding what the token means. It also has a mechanism for efficiently generating error and warning messages resulting from further validity checks performed by the user on the token. Below we will give a more detailed description of this class.

Basic assumptions

Opening a data file

Checking the magic number

Reading the data

Skipping parts of the line

Generating error messages and warnings

Miscellaneous other methods