What should be done about Part 2 of Hazy?

The problem: Part 2 has been the description of the physics in the code. It has not been updated in some years.

Background When I was the only author of the code I would write papers and then convert parts of those papers into a section of Part 2. With the much faster pace of changes today, and many people helping, this has not happened. And it would not be fair to copy parts of other people's papers and past them into a document with only my name.

A solution? The first step would be to move chapters 1-6 of Part 2 into Part 3. This does into general physics and was never part of a paper. The remaining chapters are copies of published papers and are now badly out of date.

Part 2 could become a meta document that gave links to individual papers on the ADS or contain a PDF copy of the paper. One example is the treatment of dust. This is discussed in an appendix of Baldwin et al. 1991 (now in Chapter 13) and van Hoof et al. 2004. The new grains section in Part 2 could be an introductory paragraph that was followed by the Baldwin et al. appendix and a copy of van Hoof et al. A chapter on dynamics would be a introductory paragraph followed by a copy of Henney et al. 2005, and the one on molecules would be Shaw et al. 2005 and Abel et al. 2005.

This could be done two ways.

The most convenient for remote users might be to embed a PDF copy of the published papers within Part 2. People who do not have on-line access to ApJ or MN could then read the embedded papers. There are disadvantages. It is not clear whether we have the right to redistribute PDFs we download from publishers. The file could become very large (Baldwin et al. is over 4 mb, and Henney et al. is almost 2mb).

The second way would be to simply include links to the ADS entry. The file would be very compact but would require on-line access to the journals.

Gary Ferland [2007 - 02 - 04]

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