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simple hot fix for atomic column density when H is significantly molecular

Hot Fixes for C13


There is a problem with the stop stomic column density command when a significant amount of hydrogen becomes molecular. The simplest fix is to edit iter_end_chk.cpp and delete lines 341 - 349 then recompile the code. The deleted lines are the following:

	/* >>chng 99 jul 7, when no h2 molecules, include h2 as neutral atomic hydrogen,
	 * hmi.lgNoH2Mole is set false in zero, true with command no hydrogen molecules */
	else if( 
		( (colden.colden[ipCOL_H0]+2.*(colden.colden[ipCOL_H2g]+colden.colden[ipCOL_H2s])) >= StopCalc.colnut/EPS)  )
		lgDone = true;
		strncpy( StopCalc.chReasonStop, "H0-H0+H2 column dens reached.", sizeof(StopCalc.chReasonStop) );

2015 Jun 26

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