Hot Fixes for C17

These fix significant problems with the current version of the code.

The KnownProblems_17 page lists significant problems which are not fixed with a small patch but will be corrected in a future version.


When using a non-standard resolution for the frequency mesh, it is possible that an assert in the grain code is triggered because a frequency point happens to be extremely close to a threshold, causing the grain electron yield to underflow to zero. This patch will prevent this from happening. Place the patch in the source directory, and apply it with the command

patch -i 1701_Grains.diff

2018 Apr 23


The save continuum command contains a bug. Affected are spherical models with an open geometry in the luminosity case. For such models all reflected components of the SED (the reflected incident and diffuse continuum and the reflected line emission) will have the wrong normalization. They will be too strong by a factor (Rout/Rin)2. This is the case both in the old and the new normalization of the continuum. The outward components are not affected, as well as all other types of models. The bug can be solved by applying this patch. Place the patch in the source directory, and apply it with the command

patch -i 1700_SaveCont.diff

2017 Nov 22

Some models may abort due to negative level populations in the species solvers for extreme cases. This patch will allow negative level populations during search phase, and will exit with a more helpful comment if the kinetic temperature is not within the bounds of the code. Place the patch in the source directory, uncompress it, and apply it with the command

patch -i 1700_NegPops.diff

2017 Aug 15

The docs directory of the download includes the documentation as PDF files and a LineLabels.txt file listing all emission lines with a comment about their origin. A second file, SpeciesLabels.txt, lists all species labels with an indication of which database is used to model the species. This file was inadvertently left out of the C17.00 download. Follow the link to get the file and place it in the docs directory.

2017 Aug 20

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