Known problems with C05.07

The excitation energies for the Fe VII model atom were entered in wavenumbers rather than Kelvin. As a result the Boltzmann factors were incorrect. The sense of the error would be to cause the lines to be too bright. This will be fixed in the next release. Thanks to Kevin Blagrave for finding this error. 05 Dec 15.

There is a typo in the J designation of the ground term of OI on page 420 of part 3 of Hazy. The order of the J levels is inverted. The correct order of the O11*, O12*, and O13* levels are J=2, 1, and 0. The levels are correct in the code and in the figure on page 285 of Part 2 of Hazy. Thanks to Xavier Prochaska for finding the problem. 05 Aug 22.

The wavelengths of the 23P - 23S transition of the He-like iso sequence (CV, NVI, OVI, etc) are incorrect by about 3%. This has been fixed in the development version and will be correct in the next release. Thanks for Klaus Werner for discovering the problem. 05 Aug 18

The simulation ism_hot_brems includes an unresolved ionization front, caused by the diffuse fields, when executable produced by most compilers is used. Some versions of gcc produce code that resolves the ionization front, probably due to numerical floating point differences. As a result this simulation requires substantially more zones, which results in a failed assert in the test case. The asserted value of nzone was increased from 50 to 150 to allow this to pass. Versions of the test suite downloaded after 2005 July 16 include this changed file. If you have an older version of the test suite you can obtain only from the downloads tsuite directory.

The table Draine command is not documented in the version of Hazy 1 on the web site. The docs directory now has a two-page PDF that documents the command and shows this continuum on the figure which also shows the table ism continuum.

The table Draine command is coded correctly, but the continuum mesh used by the code allows some continuum to spill over into the hydrogen-ionizing continuum. This produces a small layer of H+. The extinguish command should be used to insure that there is absolutely no H-ionizing radiation, if this is desired. 05 Aug 05

Creating punch output files while optimizing a model is not supported. You should do the optimization without the punch commands, then add them when complete and rerun the best model. This will be documented clearly in future versions of Cloudy and Hazy.

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