Known problems with C06.02

Problems with C06.02c

There are none at this time.

Problems with C06.02b

In certain highly spherical hydrogen-only clouds the H2 heating could be overestimated and the total energy balance be incorrect. In some cases the code's internal auditing showed that energy was not conserved. The problem was in the new approximation to the molecular hydrogen heating. This has been fixed on the mainline and will be part of C06.02c. Many thanks to Grazyna Stasinska for finding and reporting this problem. 2006 Oct 29

Problems with C06.02a

The line label for O 3 5007 is wrong on page 431 of Part 3 of Hazy. The last sample program in section 3.9 of Part 3 retrieves the intensity of [O III] 5007 with a call to cdLine. In the example there is only a single space between the O and 3 in "O 3". There should be two spaces. Also the ! before cdLine is incorrect, it should be removed. The block starting 13 lines before the end should read as

if(cdLine( "o 3" , 5007 , &rel , &absol ) <=0 ) {

printf("could not find 5007\




Thanks to J. Meiring for finding this problem. 2006 June 15.

The first column of the punch cooling output gives the temperature, not the depth. In the development version the first columns of both the punch heating and punch cooling commands will be the same. They will give the depth, temperature, heating, and cooling. Thanks to Yumihiko Tsuzuki for finding this inconsistency. 2006 June 06.

Hazy 1 and turbulent pressure: Two sections of Part 1 of Hazy make statements about turbulence that are correct for the development version but are not correct for versions C06.02a and before.

Page 69-70. The turbulent term is not included in the total pressure. Page 101, section 10.16.3, turbulent pressure. This term is not included in the total pressure.

The equipartition option on the turbulence command, which acts when magnetic fields are included, does function correctly.

This is an example of Hazy getting a bit ahead of the code – the turbulent term will be included in the gas equation of state in all versions after 06.02x but has never been included in previous versions.

The stop line xxx command only accepts labels that are all capitals. This problem has been fixed in the mainline and will be fixed in the next C06.02 release. For now the stop line command will only function correctly if the label is all capital letters in the main output. The wavelength does work properly. Thanks for Kevin Blagrave for finding and fixing the problem. 2006 March 27

Problems with C06.02

The problems listed below are fixed in the 06.02a release.

Several bugs in the chemistry and molecular freeze-out were fixed and improved reactions introduced. These will be part of the 06.02a release which is planned for late March 2006.

The punch grains continuum command is not well documented in Hazy. This predicts only the net outward dust emission in the optically thin limit. Thanks to Carmen Sanchez Contreras for pointing out this problem. 06 Feb 15.

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