Known Problems with C13

This page lists the known problems with this version of Cloudy. A known problem means that we know about the problem but the fix is too difficult to implement in the current version.

Format for known problems: We should include a simple description of the problem itself, avoiding computer or physics jargon, an estimate of when and how the problem will be fixed, an acknowledgment to the person who pointed out the problem if appropriate, and the date when the problem was entered on this page.


We have changed our definition of the xi ionization parameter

The change is to be consistent with XSTAR. Through versions C13.03 we defined xi as the total luminosity in ionizing photons, the original Tarter definition. The X-ray community uses the Kallman & Bautista (2001) definition, which integrates the SED between 1 and 1000 Rydbergs. The 1 - 1000 Ryd definition is part of C13.04 and later versions of the code. This only makes a difference for very hard SEDs. A small change in the code to do this is posted on the hotfixes page.

We thank Ildar Khabibullin for drawing our attention to this.

optimize lines did not recognize the emergent keyword

The optimize lines command specifies the intensities of a series of lines. The optimizer will vary parameters to try to reproduce this spectrum. Either intrinsic or emergent intensities can be chosen with the first used by default. The emergent keyword was not recognized properly. This is corrected in C13.04.


He I Case B predictions are incorrect

The main output includes interpolated He I Case B predictions. They are incorrect and should not be used. This problem is fixed in C13.01.

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