Known Problems with C17

This page lists the known problems with this version of Cloudy. A known problem means that we know about the problem but the fix is too difficult to implement in the current version.

Format for known problems: We should include a simple description of the problem itself, avoiding computer or physics jargon, an estimate of when and how the problem will be fixed, an acknowledgment to the person who pointed out the problem if appropriate, and the date when the problem was entered on this page.

Problems which are fixed with small corrections to the code are listed on the HotFixes_17 page.


The metals deplete command will reset the scale factors set with the metals scale command. This behavior was not intended and will be fixed in C17.02. The workaround for version C17.00 and C17.01 is to make sure that the metals deplete command comes before the metals scale command. That way the code will work correctly.


When using fork-based parallelization (on nearly all systems this is the default) the output from the SAVE XSPEC command will be faulty. The workaround is to use either MPI-based parallelization, or do a sequential run by using the SEQUENTIAL keyword on the GRID command.

The inward component of the emergent line predictions was inadvertently left out, as reported on the Cloudy user group. This is not a widely used part of the code predictions and it will be fixed in the next major release.

Some of our line labels have more than four characters. Long labels must be entered in double quotes in line lists, as in "O 3c". Four character (or shorter) labels may be entered with or without double quotes. Also note that the wavelength must always start in column 5 or later, even for diatomic molecules such as H2 or CO. In c17.01, Hazy 1 will have a new section explaining the format in detail.

The Bowen O I spectrum is not predicted. Previous versions had line labels of 6lev, which reported entire multiplets. In c17.01 we will report the multiplet as a Blnd but the Ly-beta pump is not included.

The SAVE LINE LIST command will read a list of lines from an external file and report their intensities. Often the line label and wavelength are copy / pasted from the LineLabels.txt file in the docs directory of the download. A problem will occur if you copy the entire line, including quoted line labels towards the end of the line. For instance, the following line entry

Blnd      5007.00A              Blend: "O  3      5006.84A"+"O  3      4958.91A"

will cause the code to abort with the following message:

 findline called with insane chLabel (between quotes) "O  3      5006.84A", must be no more than 9 characters long.
DISASTER - did not find line(s) in the Line List table
 [Stop in SaveDo at ../save_do.cpp:3282, something went wrong]

The fix is to delete the part of the line following the wavelength. The following will work:

Blnd      5007.00A    

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