Making contributions to Cloudy

Thank you for your interest in helping out with Cloudy! Your help is greatly appreciated!!

Use the trunk

  • The changes should work with the "trunk" rather than current stable version. The trunk is the the version of the code which in which completed changes are introduced.

Code validation

The core developers conduct a series of tests before making changes to the code. These are essential because it is easy to make mistakes in a complex code. Here are the minimum tests that should be performed before code is contributed to the project.

  • Run the test suite and understand any changes in the monitored values
  • Run the code through valgrind with a select fraction of the test suite. Valgrind should not detect any problems.
  • In changes which involve physical processes, it is important to identify limits in which the process can be verified. This may involve going to extreme limits where it dominates the physical conditions, or printing rates in certain simple limits. This is an important step in validating the changes.

Hazy, the code's documentation

  • Any changes in the documentation should be included in the appropriate part of Hazy. Hazy is contained in the same repository as the source and data fiels.

Sending the updates

  • The changes should be given to one of the developers as an svn diff file.

Please don't try to save time by skipping one of these steps!

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