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2005 July 08

The web site has undergone a major reorganization, and this web page is not up to date. It will be improved with a better list of changes between C05.07 and C96.01 as time permits.

A great deal of work has gone into expanding the chemistry network (see Abel et al. here) and improving the model of the hydrogen molecule (see Shaw et al. here). This is the greatest improvement over the previous version.

no photoionization command was added to disable photoionization.

The model Fe VII atom now includes the atomic data of Berrington, K.A., Nakazaki, S., & Norrington, P.H. 2000, A&AS, 142, 313. The lowest eight levels within the lowest three terms are included, along with indirect excitation by photopumping of the lowest term that is connected to ground by an allowed transition.

The ism.ini initialization file that is part of the data distribution now includes chlorine since it can be an important part of the chemistry. It had been turned off to save time. As a result scripts that include ism.ini and also set abundances will now need to specify a Cl abundance.

The code runs under Cygwin again. Several very large arrays came off the stack and caused Cygwin to crash before handoff to Cloudy. These arrays are now malloc'd and free'd. Cygwin is happy.

The CMB command replaces the fireball command to enter cosmic microwave background. The fireball command still exists.

The effects of La upon the 21 cm spin temperature are now fully included. The printout gives some properties of the 21 cm line, including its mean temperature and a comparison with the mean kinetic temperature. Note that the 21 cm spin temperature is profoundly affected by La transport so requires that several iterations be performed to obtain a stable solution for the Lyman lines.

The atom H-like Lyman pumping off command is introduced to turn off pumping of the H Lyman lines by the incident continuum.

The cosmic microwave background has been removed from the table ISM and table HM96 continua so that these can be used at any redshift. The CMB should be added separately with the CMB command. The CMB is still included in the continuum produced by the background command.

The chemistry network has been expanded to include more elements, molecules, and ices. See Abel et al. (2005, on astro-ph here and a high resolution version here; and in preparation).

PAHs are not included by default. They are specified with a separate grains PAH command. In all previous versions the PAH abundance was constant. This is unphysical since they appear to be absent in ionized or molecular regions. The PAH abundances are now proportional to n(H0)/n(Htot) by default. There is a keyword function on the grains command to change this to other abundance laws.

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