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stopped testing on 32-bit systems, warn about grid_h2coronal.


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    3030The compiler options have been changed in such a way that '''''Cloudy is now optimized for the specific hardware it is being compiled on'''''. This was done to take full advantage of AVX vectorizing instructions on supporting hardware. This reduces the portability of the executable as it may no longer run on other hardware that doesn't support the same instruction set. In that case you will need to recompile the code.
     32We '''''stopped testing on 32-bit platforms.''''' We believe that only very few 32-bit systems are still in use today. In the unlikely case you have such a system, you can still try to use Cloudy (though switching to a 64-bit system is preferred). Chances are the code will still compile correctly, but the grid_h2coronal test case in the auto test suite will certainly fail due to single-process memory limitations on 32-bit systems (see also below).
     34The '''''grid_h2coronal test case in the auto test suite may fail on systems with a limited amount of memory''''' (4 GiB or less) due to memory exhaustion. This is true both on 32-bit and 64-bit systems (though on 32-bit systems the failure is guaranteed). This particular sim needs a large amount of memory because all model atoms are set to the maximum size. You can skip this sim when running the test suite by creating a file called ''tsuite/auto/skip.dat'' that contains only the text '''' before starting the test suite.
    3236== Parallel execution of grids ==