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2017-10-18T15:17:08Z (8 months ago)

Fix broken Stout files.


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    2626 * We lifted the restriction of only a single init file being allowed. You can now use as many as you like, and you can also include init files in other init files. The limit of 4000 input lines for all files combined is still in place though.
    2727To aid in the conversion, a tool has been included in the scripts directory. Use this as follows:
    28 {{{ }}} This will create a new file called with the modified comment characters.
     28{{{}}}. This will create a new file called with the modified comment characters.
    3030An arbitrary limit to the number of heating agents printed with the SAVE HEATING command has been removed, and similarly for the SAVE COOLING command (though the limit was less restrictive there).
    4747The routines cdColm(), cdIonFrac(), and cdTemp() take strings as arguments that inform the routine what information the user wants. In C13 these strings had to be exactly 4 characters long and needed to be padded with spaces if the actual label was shorter. Our intention was to make this padding optional, but this was done incorrectly and also not documented in Hazy. This has been fixed now. The padding with spaces is no longer required in these routines, but is still accepted for backward compatibility.
     49While implementing a new data parser for Stout files on the trunk, we discovered that several files were broken. These have now been fixed. These fixes did not result in changes in our test suite, so it looks like these broken files only had a minor effect on the modeling results