Sharing Bibliographies

As a slight abuse of the svn:externals feature, it is now possible for external papers to share common files for documentation, such as latex macros and the Hazy bibliography database.

Possible routes to use this are

  1. (easier?) create the paper directory by running "svn copy" from
    to the desired location for the new paper, to get a fully set up skeleton (in a similar manner to generating a code branch).
  1. (less easy?) in a checkout of the current state of the new paper, run
    svn propedit svn:externals .
    and add the line
    common svn://
    in the editing window which appears. Then running
    svn update
    will cause a sub-directory common with the shared information to appear automatically.
  2. There should be a method equivalent to 2. for IDE tools -- but this will be specific to the tool, so if you get this to work, please add the details here for the benefit of others.

With any of these methods, the content of the common subdirectory will automatically be updated when svn update is run at the top level of the paper.

CAUTION Note that if papers are added to the shared files, it will be necessary to run svn commit in the common subdirectory as well as in the top-level paper directory. Otherwise, anything you add here won't make it into the repository.

It is always possible to have additional bibliography files per-paper, and merge them into the shared database in chunks.

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