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    11= Using stellar SEDs in C07.02 and later =
     3== Future changes ==
     5In Cloudy versions up to and including C17, the code was set up in such a way that in order to compile the stellar atmosphere grids they had to reside in the local directory. On the other hand, when you wanted to use the compiled grids, they had to be in the data directory. So either you had to move the compiled files into the data directory, or place the downloaded ascii files in the data directory in the first place. After C17, the rules for searching input files will be the same for all commands, which includes the stellar grids. This means that both during compilation and when using the grids during a run, the files are searched along the entire search path. That implies that during compilation the code will find ascii files in other locations (such as the data directory) as long as they are on the search path. On the other hand, during a run the code will be able to use a compiled atmosphere grid that is stored in the local directory. This gives the user more freedom to organize the files. One example would be compiled grids using a non-standard frequency mesh, which could be stored locally, avoiding a clash with the version using a standard frequency mesh which could be stored elsewhere.
     7The page below describes the situation as it exists for C17. The changes described above will take effect once the next major release is available.