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In versions C94 and before the code was released as a gold version roughly every three years. C96 took a long time because the project had grown to include people in many locations and there was no longer a "stopping point" where all planned improvements have been made. Also, before C96 it was very difficult, involving several weeks of work, to confirm that a version was working, was robust, and got the right answers.

Starting with c94 the code's test suite was automated so that a Perl script could compute all tests and confirm that all is well every night. Now bugs are usually found within 24 hours of being introduced. As a result the nightly build is usually very close to a stable version. The project now many people so it will never again reach a "stopping point".

You should use the current stable version that is found on the NewOnThisSite page. These are never removed from this web site but are moved to the CloudyOld versions page when they have been superseded. The predictions change as atomic data and the treatment of physical processes improves. But it will always be possible to retrieve any old gold version of the code. This provides accountability so that old answers can be recovered.

The goal is to create a new stable version at the start of each year. Beginning in 2005 the version number of the code became the year, month, and day in the form 05.07.06. The month was included since we had hoped to release more than one version per year. Version C06 also followed this style, with an "a" appended for the first bug-fix roll-up, a "b" for the second bug-fix roll-up, etc.

In version C07 the numbering was slightly changed. The last two digits no longer represented a day, but where set to "00" for the initial release, to "01" for the first bug-fix roll-up, etc. We no longer appended any letters to the version number.

Current style

This method was changed again in version C08. We dropped the middle two digits representing the month. So the leading two digits still indicate the year that the release branch was created in. But the next pair of numbers indicate a subversion, just like the last two digits in the C07 numbering scheme. Hence C08.00 would be the initial release and C08.01 the first bug-fix roll-up. This numbering scheme will be followed irrespective of what year the release or bug-fix roll-up is created. The year in the version number is set by when the release branch was created. Significant patches will be indicated by a patch level. So C08.01 (patch level 3) would indicate that the first three sets of additional patches have been applied to the C08.01 bug-fix roll-up release. This is new in the C08 release series.

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